I went to work yesterday to sand a floor, and to my delight encountered #1 common red oak. It was one of my dad’s favorite flooring types, and I don’t see much of it these days, as most designers recommend select grade material now. The argument is that select is a better grade of flooring, but my dad always said, and I tend to agree, that #1 has much more character, and makes for a more interesting floor. We’re putting a stain on that floor this afternoon, and I’ll be posting some pictures as soon as it’s done.

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  1. November 03, 2010 at 1:56 pm, Pam said:

    I see a lot of very uniform looking woods these days in new homes. But I’ve also noticed that ones that have a lot of variation can add a lot to certain rooms…I guess it depends on personal taste. To me, the light coming into a room is a huge factor on the choice of wood and stain.

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